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The future of learning is online! Our purpose, here at free online courses for youth is to empower youth, by giving them the tools they need to create a better future. The future of learning is online, the global pandemic has simply launched this inevitable fact. We believe that online learning should not be expensive,Continue reading “OUR PURPOSE”


These courses range from beginner to advanced levels, many resemble courses that are taken in science related programs at universities and colleges. It can often be a good idea to see if a course you would like to take as an elective in college, is available at one of these sites for free, and takeContinue reading “SCIENCES”


The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. – Dieter F.


Studying finance can prepare you not only for careers in the financial services sector, but also for tasks in your everyday life. … And because finance revolves around planning and analysis, studying finance and becoming more financially literate enables people to make better personal financial decisions. Introduction to Personal Financial Planning  Indiana University (IUX)  course link here. Understand how financial planning impacts your personalContinue reading “BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND FINANCE”


Search is about figuring out what people are looking for when they enter keywords into their favourite search engine. Social media is what people are actually saying to each other; they’re telling us what they’re looking for. We, as marketers, should be able to fit it all together pretty nicely. Norm Elrod.


In today’s globalized world, we are more interconnected than ever before. There are many benefits to being multi-lingual and a saavy speaker: it allows you to gain a new perspective, connect with other people and cultures, improve cognitive abilities, boost your confidence, and enable you to be more employable in the global economy. HE WHOContinue reading “LANGUAGES”


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